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This is my story, my life, my struggle--my flight through cancer

Not just a survivor but a thriver :)

This book is about more than cancer; it is about letting ego go and sharing life in intimate details. It is about love and passion, about being humbled, making mistakes, finding the right path, relying on
others to help in the simplest of tasks, and keeping and finding more faith than you thought possible. The hardest part about cancer or any other debilitating disease is that so many people do not understand what the person is going through during this horrific time. On the outside, someone may look healthy, but people with these diseases are fighting incredible battles on the inside. Be mindful when you come across those who are not well. Show them compassion, show them understanding, and show them any kindness you may have to offer. Leave judgment on the table; regardless of a person’s past, no one deserves the pain of loneliness and disease.

With the smallest of deeds
Can come the largest of trees.
A simple word, a simple smile
Can help just ONE person finish their mile.
Do not ever underestimate a word of encouragement you may give,
For you might unknowingly give a gift to live.

Ladies and gentlemen, please keep your seat belts fastened, keep you hands inside the ride at all times, you mind engaged, and your eyes on the pages. Hold tight as we are expecting moderate to severe turbulence in the following pages, it is unavoidable. We will have to ride it out until we can find a smoother ride and a soft landing in this flight called life.

     This is my story, my life, my struggle--my flight through cancer.